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We are the Pacific Northwest's premier innovative commercial and industrial HVAC and plumbing service, maintenance, and construction provider.

With years of experience, we support some of the most prominent commercial organizations by providing creative HVAC solutions and service plumbing to ensure comfort, maximum efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and system reliability.

Industrial interior chiller and boiler system room of equipment heating system, pipelines system, water pump system, valves system, and manometers system at the large building in factory
Pressure and temperature sensors on the pipeline

We Deliver Solutions.

Our customers have dynamic, immediate needs that require creative, fast, and targeted solutions. A temporary fix to a long-term problem is not a success, and we are committed to providing lasting resolutions.

We are fast, reliable, detail-oriented, and solution-motivated, meaning we offer you outstanding care, brilliant craftsmanship, and unmatched reliability, whether you need a simple repair or a major overhaul.

We Build Relationships.

With us, service is personal, and we pay attention to every detail when you contact us.

Our goal is not just to earn your business today but to be so satisfied with our work that you are ready to call us again whenever you or another may need a repair or installation.

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Peace of Mind

You can always count on West Coast Mechanical Solutions to deliver premium products and quality installation.

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Construction, Service and Maintenance

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